A group of offshore guys from FPSO KIKEH which based in Sabah dropped by to our place last February. They have requested for overnight camping plus BBQ at our Base Camp. Arrangement have been made to ensure that all their needs are taken care off a step ahead and they would have a good time riding with us at ATV OFFROAD KALUMPANG.

Lining up before the start. Head count to ensure nobody's missing

At our first stop at the Camp Site. Group photos with the guides.

Lunch by the river. On the menu was Nasi Kerabu.. nice!!

Cool off in scorching heat. Still a long way to go... Big smiles... say cheese !! Click..

The view was magnificent. Cool breeze relaxes your mind.

Our own private Spa....

Looking at the gorge below... It's a longggg way down... could not wait to be there.. Here we come !!

At night, preparing BBQ for the guys... On the plates was chicken and fried noodles